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We are interested in your comments about CBYSA games, including referee's performance and the sportsmanship of each team. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions.

Your game report is sent automatically to several Board members. If you would like a response, please make your request in the Comments box at the bottom of the form.

Thank you for your input.

Coach's Game Report

SPECIFIC GAME INFORMATION (Needed to identify referees/opponents)

Game Number (If Known)

Age Group

Date of Game

Scheduled Game Start Time

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Please select a response for each of the following categories regarding the game's center referee. If you have supporting information to provide, please add that in the comments section.

For Under 12 and Under 14 games: If you have anything to add about either of the assistant referees' performances, please put it in the comments section. If you know the assistant referee's name, that is a significant help.

Referee Dress and Appearance

Referee Pre-Game Duties

Referee Fitness

Referee Attitude Toward Players

Referee Attitude Toward Coaches

Referee Attitude Toward Spectators

Referee Signal Clarity

Refeee Positioning

Referee Accuracy of Decisions

Refeee Game Control

Please provide any other comments about the referee(s). We'd like both positive and negative feedback which is used for mentoring and training referees. Your immediate feedback helps us correct problems as soon as possible.

Additional Comments Regarding Referees:


Please rate the sportsmanship of those representing the opposing team by selecting the appropriate response in each of the categories below.

Opposing Players' Sportsmanship

Opposing Coaches' Sportsmanship

Opposing Spectators' Sportsmanship

If you have any comments about the opposing team's sportsmanship, please enter below.

Comments Regarding Opposing Team's Sportsmanship


Your Players' Sportsmanship

Your Coaches' Sportsmanship

Your Spectators' Sportsmanship

If you have any comments about your team's sportsmanship, please enter below.

Comments Regarding Your Team's Sportsmanship

Finally, give us some information about yourself. If you would like a reply from one of the board members, please put a short note in the comments box and include your email address or phone number.

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