Rescheduling a game

Schedule changes should be requested only as needed.

  • Contact the coach of the other team to let him/her know you need to reschedule. Get 2-3 possible dates from the other coach.

  • Use the form below to contact the Game Scheduler with the request and the possible dates.

  • Game Scheduler contacts the Referee Assigner to cancel the original game.

  • Game Scheduler reschedules the game, contacts the Referee Assigner, and contacts coaches by email.

  • Game Scheduler records the requested reschedule and posts the game on the website.

Reschedule a game

Coach's Name:

Coach's Email Address

Team name:

Age Group

What date and time is the game in question?

Who is the opponent?

What is the reason for the request to reschedule?

Did you contact the other coach? If not, please do so.

What are some dates that will work for both teams?

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