CBYSA Parents

Bids are now being accepted. Deadline is June 15.

If you have any questions, please contact Joyce Bartels, 712-309-5503.

DocumentBid Form for Game Scheduler
DocumentBid form for Registrar
DocumentBid form for Referee Assigner

The Sports Parents' Creed

  • Help me to understand . . .That my child's development is in the coaches hands.

  • Help me to see . . .That this program is for the children, not for me.

  • If in defeat our team should fall . . .Help me to stand tall.

  • And if in victory our team should stand . . . Help me to extend a humble hand.

  • If our philosophies don't always agree . . . Help me support the coaches . . . for my child to see.

  • For it is the philosophy of "fair play" . . . That the coach believes in my child in every way.

  • And what more could I want for my child . . . Than someone who believes, truly believes, in my child.

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Now you know how it feels. Just let them play!

Look Here!Smokefree Air Act

Iowa law prohibits smoking at the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex.

Please respect the law and those around you.

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