September is National Youth Soccer Month!

During September, the Council Bluffs Youth Soccer Association (CBYSA) is participating in National "Youth Soccer Month - Celebrating Soccer in America."

Interest in the sport of soccer is at its highest point ever, with more than 19 million children ages 4-19 from Portland, ME, to Portland, OR, to Council Bluffs, IA , playing the game.

In fact, more children are participating in organized soccer than peewee football, youth basketball or Little League baseball. For many of these children, soccer is more than a pastime it is a passion.

Youth Soccer Events!

On Sat, Sep 22, from 8:30-12, and Sat, Sep 29, from 9-4, we will have pictures for friends and family. The pictures will be taken on Field 6U10, so watch for us there and get a family or "best friends" picture taken. Check out the flyer below for more information.

DocumentPictures for National Youth Soccer Month
DocumentPicture Order form for Friends and Family

The four messages of Youth Soccer month are:

  • Fun: This is the #1 reason children play sports, whether it's recreational or competitive. Involvement in soccer is easy, affordable and rewarding.

  • Family: Playing soccer ties families together as schedules, vacations, and family time are coordinated. Come out to the Council Bluffs Recreational Complex almost any week night or week end and you'll see parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, and grandparents cheering on their family members.

  • Fitness: The messages of Youth Soccer Month mirror those of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports - communicating the importance of physical activity/fitness and exercise and their link to good health.

  • Friendship. This is the #2 reason children play sports, to be with and make new friends. The relationships and fun generated through playing soccer extend beyond the pitch.

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